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On the Bygdøy peninsula, just 10 minutes from Oslo city centre, you will find some of the most exciting and popular museums in Norway.  All of the museums are within a few minutes walking distance of each other.


Bygdøy is probably Norway's most exclusive residential district. It is also home to Bygdøy Royal Farm with its cultivated fields, grazing animals and forest open to the public. You will also find public beaches, cafés and restaurants.


Bygdøy is served by a bus service all year round and in the summer you can take the ferry from in front of Oslo City Hall to this picturesque part of Oslo.


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Bygdøy is home to some of the best museums in Norway

Norsk Folkemuseum

Meet the people of Norway


Experience life, traditions, and homes from the many regions
of Norway. Visit the impressive Medieval Stave Church.


Daily during summer: The Open-Air Museum comes to life with
farm animals, baking, folk dance and hosts in costumes.


All year: The indoor exhibits show homes, rose painting, wood
carvings and Sámi culture. Walk in the Open-Air Museum.


Large program of activities during holidays and weekends.

Opening hours


15. May - 14. Sept: 1000 - 1800 All days

15. Sept - 14. May: 1100 - 1500 Mon-Fri

1100 - 1600 Sat-Sun

The Viking Ship Museum

Explore the Viking World


The famous Viking ships from Oseberg and Gokstad.

The ships were used as burial ships more than 1100 years ago.

Also on display are the skeletons from the graves, the only surviving Viking wagon, sledges, small boats and the very special animal head pots.

Souvenir shop with books and jewelry.


Two Museums for the price of one:

Use your ticket to the Historical Museum within 48 hours.

Opening hours


Open every day,

2. May - 30. Sept: 0900 - 1800

1. Oct - 30. April: 1000 - 1600

The Holocaust Center

The Center for Studies of the Holocaust

and Religious Minorities


Located in the former residence of the Nazi collaborator Quisling, Villa Grande, the Center houses a permanent exhibition on the

Nazi policy of mass murder with focus on the fate of the

Norwegian Jews.


Library / Café / beautiful garden

1000 - 1800 All days

1000 - 1600 Mon - Fri

1100 - 1600 Sat - Sun


Open all year.

June - Sep:

Oct - May:

Opening hours

The Kon-Tiki Museum

Explore the World - Engage Science


The Kon-Tiki Museum houses original boats and exhibits from Thor Heyerdahl`s world famous expeditions; The Kon-Tiki expedition, Ra expedition, Easter Island expeditions and Fatuhiva and underwater exhibition. New exhibitions: The Thor Heyerdahl Library, The person Thor Heyerdahl and Easter Island cave stone exhibition.The original Kon-Tiki film is screened every day at 12.00 in the museum cinema. Souvenir shop.

Opening hours

: 1000-1600

: 1000-1700

: 0900-1800

: 1000-1700

: 1000-1600

Jan - Feb

Mar - May

Jun - Aug

Sept - Oct

Nov - Dec

The Norwegian Maritime Museum

Experience a rich seafaring heritage  from Norway’s oldest vessel

(2200 yrs) to interactive displays of modern offshore shipping and more, in brand new exhibitions.


Embark on an 18-minute journey along the Norwegian coast in our panoramic cinema, enjoy maritime art and learn more about marine archaeology.


Contact us for group offers.

Opening hours


15. May - 31. Aug: 1000 - 1700

01. Sep - 14. May: 1000 - 1500 (Mon closed)

Sat - Sun: 1000 - 1600

Café / Open air café from 1st of June

The Fram Museum

Experience our spectacular northern light show


Fram is the most famous ship in polar history, known for its

amazing expeditions to the North and South Poles.


Come aboard, and see how the crew and their dogs endured years of explorations. Enjoy the spectacular northern lights show.


See the first ship to navigate the Northwest Passage, the polar vessel Gjøa!

Opening hours

: 1000-1600

: 1000-1700

: 0900-1800

: 1000-1700

: 1000-1600

Jan - Apr


Jun - Aug


Oct - Dec

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